February to June 2018

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Notice of Soccer School

JFT Soccer School

Children of ages 4 to 13 can participate in the JFT Soccer School program. The practices are split into U5-U13 categories. Most of our coaches are players on our adult JFT teams. We focus on building soccer skills, but we also teach about mannerisms, the importance of teamwork, the joy of improving skills, and the joy of the sport. We help create an atmosphere where children learn to love soccer and also feel that they want to improve their soccer skills. We are looking forward to coaching many children!

Schedule(15 times) - updated January 25, 2018



What to bring (scroll above each one and click to see a photo)
Exercise gear
Shin guards(シンガード)
Indoor shoes or exercise shoes    (outdoor cleats are prohibited)
sunscreen (only for outdoor)
Please note: Dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Practice Location - Soccerworld Polson Pier Dock's

Soccerworld Polson Pier Dock's
176 Cherry St, Toronto, ON M5A 3L1

How to Register

Online Registration Started!
click below to start with the online registration! Please make sure you complete this step before the first day of participating in the soccer school program!  
Parent/Guardian Waiver Form
click below to download the waiver form. Please make sure the document is signed before you arrive for the first day of your child’s practice date. 
We occasionally take photos to develop photobooks and to post on our social media sites including the website. By signing the consent form(at online registration), you acknowledge that your child’s photos may be used.
This only applies to outdoor seasons. Rain or shine, we have practices! Please dress appropriate for the weather. Cancellation will be notified through our e-mail list and on Facebook.

Times and Details

* all players must be changed and ready to practice at the start of the set time.


SS2017 times

2017/2018 Season 1 Price List

1 time
1 child
2 children
3 children
4 children
Total Fee with Family Discount
Per Lesson
Per Player
all prices are in Canadian Dollars. The price listed applies to 2017/2018 Season 2 (February to June 2018) only. You cannot transfer leftover funds to another season.
*You have an option of paying for one session or purchasing a season pass. 
*If the payment has not been processed, players are not allowed to participate. Please make sure the payment is processed before the practice date.
*Please note, we do not accept changes after the payment is processed
If the fee was paid for one practice and the player wants to change it to a season pass, players must pay for the full season pass from the second practice.
*Refunds are not issued. No exceptions allowed. 

*Waiver forms are needed even for those participating for one session.

Fine print

*Funds collected are used to manage the soccer school program as well as events related to the soccer school program.
*Although we make sure that practice time change or date changes do not happen, there may be times we may need to be modify due to unforeseen events. We thank you for your understanding when this happens.
*If events or games fall on a date outside of the confirmed schedule, it may require additional payment.
*If practices take place at a different venue than the confirmed place, it may require additional payment.


  • We accept payment in cash, cheques, or e-Transfer from Web Banking.
  • For cash payment, we appreciate if you can bring the exact amount.
  • For payments in cheques, please process the payment to “JFT Athletics Canada”.
  • We do not accept post-dated cheques.
  • For e-Transfer from Web Banking, we will send you the detailed information once you complete registration.


Age Criteria for Graduation

JFTSS currently has a strict graduation rule.

All U13 players who complete Season 2 of the current year (2017/2018) will graduate from the SS program.
For graduates, we have the following opportunities
  • participate in the JFT pick-up soccer
  • JFT SS Coach Volunteering Program
  • Request to be included in the JFT Alpha program

* Please note that this rule only applies to the current year of 2017/2018. The rules may change for the following years to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can players registered in external teams participate in the JFTSS program?

We accept players who are registered in other teams.


Do you offer trial lessons?

A.For this season only, we offer first time students* free trial lessons.
Please sign the waiver form and select “free trial” when registering.
(*no previous registration in the past)


Can beginner players participate?

A. Of course!
We accept any enthusiastic players willing to learn soccer skills. The only pre-requisite requirement is that players must be of or older than 4 years of age. At JFTSS, we tailor our coaching for each player. We teach soccer skills but we also coach the importance of mannerisms, teamwork, and effort! Players are allowed to advance to a higher category with a lifting test but we do not allow players to decrease below their age category.


Are there other events other than the soccer clinics?

A.Yes, we do! 
We have spring break camps, soccer tournaments, friendly match against other teams, parent-child soccer events, etc!


Will there be practices even when it is raining?

A.This only applies to outdoor seasons. Rain or shine, we have practices! 
The only exception is if there is lightening, heavy snow, or thunderstorms and the City of Toronto issues a warning for severe weather. If practice days are cancelled due to severe weather warnings issued by the City of Toronto, please advice we will not have make-up days or give refunds for the cancelled practices.


What are the communication methods when practices are cancelled?

A.Decisions will be made at least 2 hours before the start of practice. 
Due to unexpected weather conditions in Toronto, there may be days when we decide to cancel on the spot in the middle of a practice. We communicate to players through e-mail and an update will be posted on our Facebook page.


Are players required to wear a designated team jersey?

A.No, players are not required to wear the designated team jersey. 
Players are only required to wear comfortable clothing to be active in. JFT SS logo t-shirts are available for purchase for those interested. ($20)


Are all coaches experienced soccer players?

A. The main coach for each category are all experienced soccer players. 
We recruit coaches with different skill sets to make our coaching team robust. We have graduates of the SS program as support coaches as well.


What language is spoken during the lesson?

We use Japanese as our main method of communication; however, we cater toward our players.
If there are players who do not understand Japanese, we instruct in English as well.


updated 25Jan2018