Introduction to our school

Our soccer school follows the guidelines of Canada’s junior youth team and is open to kids ages 4-16. Within every age category we not only want to help the kids get better at soccer, we want them to always have a love for soccer as well. Our coaches are comprised of bright, young, driven people, mostly from Japan who are still actively playing soccer or who have experience in the game and want to pass on their knowledge to the kids of today.

Season Outline

“The art of receiving a pass…2.0”

Soccer’s basic skills are shooting, dribbling and passing. Players that can master these three skills are often thought of as the best. But there is one skill that must be mastered before any of the above 3 skills. That is the art of receiving a pass or trapping. If you cannot make your visions of the perfect trap come true every time you will not be able to shoot, pass or dribble. The game will not go as you plan. If you can master the trap, the game of soccer will become that much more enjoyable for you.
The best players in the world can change the game with one play. These players if you watch them closely are masters at trapping or receiving the ball. If you focus on the art of receiving a pass you will begin to realize the nuances of our beautiful game. This season at our JFTSS our objective is to master the art of receiving a pass and whatever your age category we will help this come true.


Keep ups or Lifting as it is commonly called in Japan, is a very important easy way to practice soccer skills on your own. By keeping the ball up continuously for as long as you can, you will begin to be able to do this in different places, use your feet better, become more familiar with your body and your centre of gravity, perfect your balance and become even better at trapping.
Lifting is a skill that can only be realized by lots of practice, and it’s not always easy and even just lifting 10 times for a new player can be a daunting task but when accomplished you will gain all the confidence in the world. But it can be done for everyone and only those who practice it regularly will be able to do it.
At JFTSS we incorporate lifting tests in order to secure your place in the next category.
  • U13/U14: in order to be in this category you must be able to keep up or lift a minimum of 100 times
  • U11/U12: over 50 times
  • U9/U10: over 30 times
  • U8: over 10 times
  • U6: must be 4 years and over to join



U13 ″Receiving the ball within the flow of the game…”

“Show and Act like the oldest age group”
This is an age group that must be able to master all the skills but we will not stop practicing them. This is an age group that must begin to envision the play and what must be done to help your team win. We will practice not for the sake of practicing anymore but for the game.





U11-12 “Learning to control the ball”

This age group will learn to manipulate the ball more acutely. Learning the differences of rolling, stopping and making the ball move for you. Players will learn to use the inside of their feet as well as their insteps. They will learn to make the ball do what they envision it to do.





U9-10 “New ball control skills and being able to focus”


This age group is one that is beginning to be able to understand and realize more skills. They will learn to have goals and what needs to be done to accomplish those goals. They will learn many new skills with a focus on the basics. They will also begin to learn what it means to focus and what more things they can do when they focus.





U7-8 “From playing with a ball to controlling the ball”

With the goal of implementing more of the game of soccer. This age group will have lots of time just becoming more familiar with a soccer ball. They will have lots of touches on the ball and learn that they CAN control the ball and not vice versa.






U5-U6 “Building up stamina and fitness while having a ball”

HAVE FUN! That is the main goal of this age group. Kids in this age group have lots of energy and need to use it and we have lots of energetic coaches who will help them channel their energy into fun and creative ways and incorporating soccer along the way. We want them to enjoy soccer, enjoy fitness and build up their growing stamina. Having the kids in the same area as the older kid is a huge plus as well as it gives them something to look up to.