Welcome to Japanese Football club of Toronto!

We represent the Japanese community soccer team here in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto the one of the biggest melting pots in North America with unique and diverse culture and people. Join us to experience soccer like never before!

Playing with JFT is a great opportunity to truly enjoy the game of soccer, to feel at home and to make all the memories with all who are involved!

Japanese Football club of Toronto 




Let's have fun together!! JFT Pick Up Soccer starts Saturday October 14, 2017!! Come join us!!


JFTSS(JFT Soccer School)

JFTSS(JFT Soccer School) - JFT is running a soccer school for kids and youths from the age of 4 to 13.


Samurai Blue Project 2018

2018年6月24日 トロントにあの熱い戦いが再び帰ってくる!

The World Cup Public Viewing event will come back to Toronto this summer on June 24!